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Are the MBA Lifecycle surveys anonymous?

Is the MBA Student Exit Survey considered anonymous or confidential? Is the MBA Student Entry Survey considered anonymous or confidential? Is the MBA Student Midterm Survey considered anonymous or confidential? Is the MBA Student Alumni Survey consid

The web versions of the MBA Lifecycle surveys are confidential, not anonymous. After receiving the .csv (comma-separated values) file with the student/alumni email addresses from the school, Percept Research generates a unique ID for each survey participant. This unique ID number is embedded in the survey link (URL) sent to each student.

Survey responses are linked to the unique ID's and allow us to prevent duplicate responses from the same participant and also prevent others from outside your sample from submitting a survey. The latter would be a possible source of error.

Using the normal Percept Research implementation procedures, the survey is NOT ANONYMOUS and should not be described to the students or alumni as an anonymous survey -- it should be referred to as a confidential survey.

Percept Research has established the following Data Confidentiality and Use Policy regarding the disclosure and use of the results from its MBA Lifecycle benchmarking surveys. Individuals or groups who gain access to the results are subject to this confidentiality policy.

Percept Research is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of personal information. This Privacy Policy Statement contains information about our policy regarding the collection and use of data through our market research surveys.

We allow respondents to ‘opt-in’ to associate their name with their open-ended comments only. The verbatim summary report will display only the names of respondents that have given us permission to release their name. Otherwise, no respondent will be individually identified in any reports or data exports. Maintaining respondent confidentiality is important for optimizing response rates and collecting unbiased feedback to improve your program.