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How can I get past Section B in the EMBAC Program Survey?

I am getting kicked out of the EMBAC Program Survey and my information is not being saved. How do I proceed?

We have received reports that some EMBAC members are having difficulty getting past Section B in the Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey. You may receive an error message such as "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" similar to this one:

Too many redirects error_EMBAC Program Survey

We are investigating why only a limited number of members are experiencing this issue with section B while a majority of members are able to move past this section.

Solution A:

We believe this issue is related to the browser cache limit for specific individuals. While this behavior cannot be replicated consistently for Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla and Safari browsers, we have confirmed that members experiencing the issue report success when using the Microsoft Edge browser. If you feel comfortable using this browser and do not currently have it on your computer, you can download here: https://www.microsoft.com/edge.

We recognize this is not a viable solution for all users so we proposed Solution #2 below.

Solution B:

We are more than happy to assist members encountering this issue by having our staff enter your program’s data for Section A and Section B on your behalf so you can proceed through the rest of the survey. To engage our team to complete this process, members need to follow these steps:

  1. Download your Directory Profile Summary (DPS).
    The Directory Profile Summary is a MS Word document populated with your current survey information for each program of your school. Here is a support article on how to access the DPS: What is the Directory Profile Summary?
  2. Update the DPS with the data for your program for Section A and Section B ONLY.
  3. Save the DPS Word document to your desktop and confirm the data in the document reflect your updates.
  4. Submit a support ticket and attached your updated DPS to Percept Research here: https://knowledge.mbalifecycle.com/helpcenter/kb-tickets/new
  5. Our team will update sections A and B for each of the programs you submit in your support ticket and contact you within one business day (usually faster) that your data have been updated.
  6. Once you hear back from our team (#5 above), log back into your portal to complete the survey: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com/ProgramSurvey
  7. Select the program you want to update and click ‘Next’ (see screen shot below) through section A and B confirming that we entered your data correctly. You should be able to proceed to section C if you make no adjustments to the data and complete the remainder of the survey.

Please alert us if you need further assistance after these steps and thank you for completing the Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey!

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