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How can my program change our report order after we have submitted our EMBA Council Membership Program Survey?

We submitted our EMBAC Program Survey, but there was an error in the type of reports we would like to purchase. How can we change reports requested and receive a new invoice?

The best way to do this is to go back into your school portal and change your report selections for the program of interest.

The invoicing is automated such that a new invoice will be generated if your report selections have changed and you have 'reconfirmed' the survey is completed (invoices are generated in a 'batch' process at night so you will receive a new one the next day).

This also ensures that we provide the reports you request as our Operations team produces these reports based on the registration list that is powered by the EMBAC Program Survey.

How do we change the reports we have selected?

1. Log into your portal. Here is a direct link to the Membership Program Survey for quicker access: Review/Update My Programs

2. Select the program of interest and 'Edit Selected Programs' (blue arrows)

3. Click 'Next' at the bottom of each page to arrive at Section L: Benchmarking Report Options. Make all of your report selection changes and continue to click 'Next' to 'complete' the survey again.

Once you get to the end of the survey (this is the last section unless you ordered a Peer Report) and click 'submit', the system will automatically generate a new invoice and your selections will be changed in our registration list.

Note: You will need to 'confirm' the survey complete again in order to make these changes to the system and generate an invoice. Here is a support article about confirming your survey: Why do I have to "confirm" my data?