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How do I add a staff member to the Executive MBA Council Directory?

Your school controls which staff are designated to receive council updates with the annual Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey (see blue arrows in step 5 below). The contacts listed in the EMBAC Directory must be updated by the member school and cannot be updated by Percept Research staff.

These contacts can be added, modified, or deleted directly in your portal with these steps:

1. Log into your school portal: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

2. Click Update Contact Info/Photos from the Directory Management menu.

3. Select the program you wish to edit (red circle)

4. Adjust the contacts listed on this page OR scroll to the bottom of the first page listing the contacts for the program and click NEXT.

5. Adjust your contacts on the this page to update the designation for the contacts listed for your program and click NEXT to save the changes (blue arrows).

6. Once the information is saved by clicking NEXT, you can close the browser window and do not need to continue with the remaining survey questions.