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I see a Word document icon beside each program listed in the portal. What is this for?

What is the Directory Profile Summary? How do I see a copy of my EMBAC Program Survey responses? How can I get a copy of my EMBAC Program Survey answers?

A MS Word document icon listed beside each program listed in the My Programs page. Clicking "View Summary" button beside the MS Word icon downloads a Word document called a Directory Profile Summary that is populated with your current survey information for each program (red arrow).

Some schools choose to download and print this Directory Profile Summary to collect information for all of their program(s) before completing the EMBA Council Membership Program Survey. This will allow you to have data on hand.

You may want to pass along the Directory Profile Summary to other program directors and collect their program-specific information so you can enter information about all programs at once as you complete the survey.

You must click "edit" on the Register Program Selection page in your portal to update your directory information via the Membership Program Survey.

Please note: We cannot accept updates via the Directory Profile Summary - all updates must be made through the web survey directly so the input data can be validated.

To access your My Programs page:

1. Log into your portal: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

2. Click "Review/Update My Programs" in the "Directory Management" menu

Here is a related article about how often the Directory Profile Summary is updated: