Is there a way to send the survey closer to the last day of class?

I just signed up for the Exit Survey. But, I have a request. Is there a way to delay when the survey will be sent? The graduating class will meet for the last time on Saturday, August 4. (I wasn't able to put that date in the survey because it is out

The current fielding year for the MBA Student Exit Survey is July 1 - June 30. If you need to survey your students after June 30, your program would fall into the next fielding year OR you could administer the survey to your students earlier.

Please reference this blog article about how we adjusted the MBA Student Exit Survey fielding year in 2011.

We can allow an extension of 2 weeks past the June 30 deadline since that is the time period for the Peer Selection survey — this is when we ask participating programs to select their 6 peers. We have to wait for the Peer Selection survey to be completed by all programs before we can start producing the comparative reports. Please note that we recommend a full 3 weeks of student survey fielding for optimal response rates.

What do we mean by "fielding year"?

The fielding year is the 12-month frame from which we designate a 'year' to approximate an academic year based on the intent of the higher education study.

How are the fielding dates chosen?

End date of the fielding year is what is most important. We select a date in which a majority of MBA programs will have completed their survey. This allows us to deliver our MBA Lifecycle benchmark reports (Competitive Intelligence Reports) to the largest number of programs in the shortest amount of time after a program's individual survey has concluded.

What if my program graduates near the beginning of the fielding year and I need benchmark reports earlier?

Percept Research provides an Advance Competitive Intelligence Report option for programs that graduate earlier in the fielding year. The Advance Competitive Intelligence Report is in the same format as the standard Competitive Intelligence Report , but the data are benchmarked to data collected in the previous fielding cycle so we can provide you with industry comparisons closer to your outtake date.

The fee for the Advance Competitive Intelligence Report is also identical to the standard Competitive Intelligence Report — basically, you will receive your report earlier with comparisons to the previous fielding year. This report will not include comparisons to any new questions recently added in the new fielding year (e.g., a new question in 2012-13 will not have comparisons to 2011-12 data).

Update: We have renamed the Competitive Intelligence Report to the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report. Please check out this blog article for more details:

Percept Research Introduces Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report