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What if I experience difficulty when uploading email addresses?

Instructions on preparing an upload file are available using the ‘help’ link on the survey upload page. Common errors include:

a. Uploading in .xls format – to standardize the process and remove extraneous formatting from spreadsheet programs, the upload file should be in .csv (Comma Separate Values) format.

b. Incorrect header – to standardize the process the upload file must have a header row that exactly matches “First Name,Last Name,Email Address”

If you receive an error while uploading your student email addresses, please contact surveysupport@perceptresearch.com.

Some other issues that I have come across recently is that some samples that I have assisted uploading have contained extra spaces, comma's or other characters which will inhibit the sample from being uploaded. If you are experiencing issues after ensuring the proper column headers and .csv format. Please do a search and replace for spaces and comma's.

Another issue that I have come across recently is extra columns in the sample. To ensure that this is not the case, please highlight Column D and hold down the SHIFT, CONTROL and right arrow button and delete all the columns that are highlighted. This will ensure any extraneous columns are deleted.