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How do I follow a Percept Research product community?

How can I get notified of inquiries and replies on this community? How do I follow a Get Satisfaction product community?

1. Log into our community: https://www.mbalifecycle.com/login

note: Each user has their own access credentials (this is managed directly with the Get Satisfaction platform) - i.e., we cannot help you recover your access credentials.

2. Visit our Products and Services page by clicking on "See all products & services" on the right-hand side of the general community (blue arrow). Please note that you may have to scroll down the page.

3. Simply visit each product page of interest and click on the Follow button (purple arrow). Please note that the Follow button will only show if you’re logged in.

How can I unfollow, unsubscribe, or otherwise stop receiving email notifications, for a specific topic thread?