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How do we provide suggestions or feature requests for the MBA News Digest?

We would love to receive your suggestions!

The development MBA News Digest the result of a collaborative effort with our subscribers and corporate partners.

To submit ideas or feature requests, please start a new Idea topic in our Get Satisfaction community and select the 'product' as MBA News Digest (purple arrow). You can post your suggestion in the topic title (blue arrow) and; optionally, provide details (orange arrow). To help us isolate feature requests for consideration, please tag your submission as "feature request" (red circle).

Can you send recommendations directly via email to our team?

You can do that, but providing your suggestions within this social support community allows us to have a central repository of research topics that we can use this year or in the future. Also, this allows other subscribers to comment and add to your suggestions.

We greatly appreciate your input and would be open to any suggestions you may have we can enhance this tool!