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My school uses rate control systems and spam filters that can intercept and block mass email messages from outside organizations. What can we do to prevent our survey invitations from being blocked?

It is important that you work closely with your IT department to try to prevent this issue. Spam filters often look for specific words in the subject line and body of a message in an effort to decrease unsolicited e-mail messages. Words such as “win,” “prizes,” “last chance,” “drawing,” or even the use of multiple “!!!!!” in a message can trigger a spam filter and prevent the distribution of the messages. It’s important to test messages against your spam filter before the survey period begins. Rate control filters tend to block messages from a single IP address once a predetermined limit has been exceeded.

Please notify the IT department of your survey plans and let them know that that the invitations to participate will originate from perceptresearch.com (IP address for the EMBA Entry and Exit surveys only OR for all other surveys). The IP address and domain should be “whitelisted” to prevent the rate control system or spam filter from blocking our invitations. Likewise, the IT department may be able to “lift a quarantine” on emails originating from perceptresearch.com.

Lastly, the predetermined limit on rate control systems might need to be increased during your survey period.

Please contact Percept Research once your IT department has whitelisted our domain so we can send you a test message to confirm implementation.
update: 06/10/2015

For all surveys other than our EMBA Student Entry and EMBA Student Exit surveys, our new IP address range is:

This change will affect you if your organization has whitelisted our email servers for any reason, including to allow for improved deliverability of our survey invitations. Your IT team may need to update your whitelisting to include our new range.