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Blended learning programs

I'm interested in talking with my peers who have blended learning programs. For the purpose of this question, I'll define blended learning as more than 25% of content delivered outside of the classroom. Is there a way to have a list of those programs

Hi Courtney,
We can identify these programs by question H1 in the EMBAC Membership Program Survey: 
H1. In this academic year, what percentage of the total program coursework was delivered through distance learning (e.g., web conferencing, video conferencing, audio conferencing, podcasts, webinars, chat, discussion boards, etc.) either synchronously or asynchronously? Please enter whole numbers and do not enter % symbol.
Typically, we cannot identify individual programs by their responses to the EMBAC Membership Program Survey due to confidentiality considerations. Here is a reference article: Will other EMBA programs be able to see my data from the EMBAC Program Survey?

As this question is not a 'green' question, we may be able to provide such a list. We need to confirm this approach with the EMBA Council before we can release such a list -- we will be touch shortly once we confirm.

In the meantime, you may want to consider posing a question like this to the EMBAC LinkedIn discussion forum to see if programs will be willing to self-identify or possibly ask if the council would form an ‘interest group’ comprised of members that fit this criteria to mutual discussion.
Hi Courtney,
We can provide a list of programs that fit this criterion with the caveat that this list should be used for your internal purposes or for reaching out directly to schools on the list. It should not be used to draw comparisons in the public domain, for example as a marketing distinction in collateral.

Dr. Joyce Kurpiers on our team manages the EMBAC Program Survey and will reach out to you to confirm if you require the primary contacts at these programs within the list to help you with direct communications.