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Can I delete questions?

This answer varies dependent on the survey being administered.

The EMBA Student Entry Survey and EMBA Student Exit Survey for Executive MBA Council members are administered directly from their school portal (http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com)

The cost of these surveys is lower than other MBA Lifecycle surveys due to the automation built into the portal system. However, this automation requires standardization of the questionnaires and thus, members cannot delete questions from the core questionnaire of these web surveys.

If members choose to administer a print survey, Percept Research can assist you with removing core questions.

Participants in our other MBA Lifecycle surveys (not EMBA Entry or EMBA Exit) should contact their project manager or support@perceptresearch.com to discuss deleting questions from our core questionnaire templates.

It is important to consider that the removal of questions from the core questionnaire will eliminate benchmarking to other programs for those questions which are removed. We strongly recommend not removing core questions from within the questionnaire.