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Can I get my benchmark report earlier?

My MBA program graduates near the beginning of the fielding year. Can I get my benchmark report earlier? What is the Advance Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report?

Percept Research provides an Advance Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report  (Advance-PRMTR) option for programs that graduate earlier in the fielding year. The Advance-PRMTR is in the same format as the standard Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report, but the data are benchmarked to data collected in the previous fielding cycle so we can provide you with industry comparisons closer to your outtake date.

The fee for the Advance-PRMTR is also identical to the standard Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report — basically, you will receive your report earlier with comparisons to the previous fielding year. This report will not include comparisons to any new questions recently added in the new fielding year (e.g., a new question in 2009-10 will not have comparisons to 2010-11 data). However, you will have the option to purchase the standard Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report delivered at the end of the fielding year at a discounted fee if you want to benchmark to all of the participating programs from the current fielding year.

Programs that choose to receive the Advance-PRMTR in lieu of the PRMTR benchmarking to data collected from the current year will receive the Advance-PRMTR within one month of closing their survey and must alert their project manager of this request.

Reference this blog article for more information about this offering: MBA Student Exit Survey Fielding Year Updated
The timing of the survey fielding period and delivery of reports are based on the survey engaged. Please view the Calendar of Survey Milestones for more details.
Update: We have renamed the Competitive Intelligence Report to the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report. Please check out this blog article for more details:

Percept Research Introduces Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report