Can I provide a paper version of the Entry survey in Spanish while using the English version of the web survey?

I have some problems to understand the way for registration and apply the entry survey. I have the idea to get our participants the link to answer the survey in English but I need to bring them the Spanish version in paper or maybe just the question

I think you are asking if you can provide a translated version of the questionnaire in Spanish via paper to accompany the English-based web survey?

We do not provide print versions of the Entry survey due to the skip patterns and insertions inherent to the Entry survey. Here is a related article:

Can we distribute the MBA Student Entry Survey as print surveys to our incoming students?

Our recommendation is to launch the survey outside of the EMBAC portal in our non-automated platform. This will provided automatic translation of the survey for students that need it. Here is a related article:

Do you offer a non-English versions of the MBA Lifecycle Surveys?

If you wish to engage this option, please use this link to register for the Entry survey and indicate that you require Spanish translation in the Special Request box on the registration form.