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Can I view some core questions from the MBA Lifecycle surveys in advance?

Can I see what questions are included in the questionnaire templates? What kind of questions are asked in the MBA Lifecycle surveys?

You can view the dimensions (question batteries) covered by the MBA Lifecycle surveys by viewing the "What kind of questions are asked?" section of the "Overview" pages of each specific survey. For example:

MBA Student Entry Survey | Overview

MBA Student Midterm Survey | Overview

MBA Student Exit Survey | Overview

MBA Alumni Survey | Overview

Each MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite Decision Package offered includes an end-user license for limited use of copyright questionnaire template.
We only share the full questionnaire templates with schools that participate in the MBA Lifecycle Surveys as we have spent considerable effort designing and innovating our instruments over the years. Here is a support article regarding this: May my school use your questionnaire for our students without engaging Percept Research?
Instead, we do share excerpts of our Program Roadmap & Market Trends Reports so you can view the analyses provided along with some of the metrics captured. Contact inquiry@perceptresearch.com if you would like to view the excerpts.