Can we distribute the MBA Student Entry Survey as print surveys to our incoming students?

I’m looking for the Entry Survey to distribute to our newest cohort tomorrow. When I go online I see this message: Please note this standard questionnaire is for reference. This instrument is only offered as a web-based instrument due to the ‘piping

The MBA Student Entry Survey is only offered as a web-based survey due to the nature of the question flow. One of the strongest features of the Entry survey is evaluating the 'closest competitor' on the same attributes as your program. Due to how the 'closest competitor' program is inserted (piped) into the performance ratings battery, this survey cannot be offered as a print version.

On average, our clients achieve a 75% response rate with the Entry Survey by following our methodology of pre-alerts, optimal timing, shaping expectations, and scheduling. For example, incoming students are more likely to complete the survey if is positioned as part of the admissions process (shaping expectations).

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