Can we send the MBA Student Exit completed print surveys to you electronically – in survey summary form or by spreadsheet?

Can we compile the print survey results electronically and then send to you? I believe there is an additional charge for submitting the survey on paper and I am trying to avoid that charge.

We require participating programs to send completed print surveys to our Charlotte headquarters so our data entry team can tabulate. We utilize standard double-layer tabulation verification to ensure accuracy in the tabulation as well as to preserve the confidentiality of your student responses.

Double-layer data verification is conducted by having two different trained coders enter the same set of data with discrepancies flagged for checking against the original questionnaire.

Also, providing an electronic tabulation file directly to us would not have the correct variable names nor survey response codes required to merge in our database.

Given the improved accuracy, quality, and staff time saved, we believe you will find our tabulation fee most economical.