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Do I have to use the exact wording of the survey invitation as provided as a template by Percept Research?

Is my program required to use the exact wording of the survey invitations provided by Percept Research?

For EMBAC-portal-based Entry and Exit surveys, your students will receive invitations and reminders based on our standard templates. This is due to the automated nature of these two surveys embedded in the EMBA Council portals, which allows us to offer lower fees for council members. The established fees for the EMBA Student Entry Survey and EMBA Student Exit Survey are based on standardization of the questionnaire, reporting, number of invitations, and the content of the invitations.

However, these invitation and reminder templates are customized for your program. You will asked to provide the name of the program and the name and title of the program director that you want included within the invitations during registration.

You may fully customize any pre-alert messages or survey extension messages that come directly from your school. We recommend that these messages come directly from the program director to have fullest impact.

Check out this blog article for tips on utilizing pre-alert notifications.

Check out this blog article for tips on engaging survey extensions.

For surveys other than EMBAC-portal-based Entry and Exit surveys, your program has flexibility to customize the content of the invitations and reminders. The fees for these surveys are higher due to less automation in these project which also provides flexibility for customization.