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Does Percept Research host the web surveys internally on their servers and what kind of security is provided?

What kind of security is provided for the student email addresses and survey data?

Percept Research utilizes internal servers for portal-based surveys and 3rd party servers for other studies to host the web surveys and contact students and alumni. Percept Research uses the most advanced encryption, firewalls, backup and 24-hour service support. The security and access to information of any kind is under strict regulations and procedures that go beyond the measures taken by most organizations, agencies, and institutions of higher education.

Files stored on the servers at Percept Research are password protected behind a firewall. All files are back up every night. Additionally, Percept Research will not share the email addresses of your students or alumni with any other organization.

You can assess the Percept Research privacy policy at: http://www.mbalifecycle.com/privacy-policy-statement/