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Does Percept Research send reminder messages to all students or just those who have not responded to the survey?

Does Percept Research send survey reminders to all students? Does Percept Research send survey reminders to all alumni?

Percept Research contacts only non-responders with a survey reminder message. Typically, we modify the subject line and message body of the reminder so that it is distinct from the initial survey invitation. Up to two messages to non-responders are included in the price of the student surveys (up to three reminders are sent to alumni due to a longer fielding period).

We recommend utilizing an announced and an actual deadline in conjunction with the reminder messages to improve your response rate. Check out this blog article for tips on engaging survey extensions.

Each student or alumnus will receive an unique survey link to complete the survey. This link should not be shared among students as it allows us to confidentially track responses and sent reminders only to those who have not completed the survey.