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For the schools that participated in the Lacivita revenue survey, do you have historical data so we don’t need to complete the survey?

No, we do not have historical data from that study. We need all members to complete the survey because this study is more comprehensive than the prior survey survey conducted by Steve Lacivita (Chicago Booth) in these ways:

1. The Lacivita survey was only conducted every other year. This study seeks to measure gross revenue and allocation every year over the past 15 years.

2. The Lacivita survey was focused on only the largest revenue schools (less than 30 schools). This study is more comprehensive to focus on all members of UNICON.

This more comprehensive study will allow UNICON to provide a more accurate depiction of trends in the industry and also allow presentation of trends among different segments of the industry. All data are collected by Percept Research to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information. Only aggregate-level information will be reported for research purposes.

We only need schools to collect these longitudinal revenue data once for this 2015 survey — going forward, these data we be collected on a yearly basis with the UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey (also managed by Percept Research).