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How are our students/alumni contacted with the Percept Research MBA Lifecycle surveys?

How are our students contacted for the survey? From what email address will the survey invitations be sent?

Percept Research contacts students/alumni to participate in the MBA Lifecycle surveys through email invitations. We have specifically-designed invitation and reminder templates that are customized for your program. You will be asked to provide the name of the program and the name and title of the program director that you want included within the invitations to Percept Research during registration.

The Percept Research operations team is then responsible for programming your program's individual survey. You will need to supply Percept Research with a list of student e-mail addresses in a Comma Separate Values (.csv) file (this can be exported from an Excel spreadsheet). We will provide templates in the format needed to process your list of students or alumni. Depending on the audience, these templates may include the email address (one per student), first name, last name, and class year. This allows us to personalize the email invitations each student with the student's name for better response.

The email invitations will come from this address: Percept Research (surveysupport@perceptresearch.com>) We recommend that you alert your students/alumni of this delivery address and when to expect the initial invitation through the use of pre-alert notifications. Check out this blog article for tips on utilizing pre-alert notifications.

Each student or alumnus will receive a unique survey link to complete the survey. This link should not be shared among students as it allows us to confidentially track responses and sent reminders only to those who have not completed the survey.

Here is a summary of how the survey process for the MBA Midterm Survey as an example: MBA Student Midterm Survey | How it works