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How can get a copy of the results we submitted for our program to the EMBAC Program Survey?

I just started reviewing the Standard Report from the Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey and see the industry segment results -- How can get a printout of the results we submitted to the EMBAC Program Survey for comparison?

There are two ways to see your results compared the industry segment results you can view in the EMBAC Standard Report.

1. You can download a copy of the Directory Profile Summary that is populated with your current survey information for each program registered within your school portal. Please reference this related article on how to access the Directory Profile Summary:

What is the Directory Profile Summary?

2. If you want to see your results side-by-side with the industry segment results, you should consider ordering a Program Survey Peer Report. This report will additionally provide your results trended over the last three years along with your Peer Composite results trend over the last three years.

Check out this related article about the Peer Report:

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