How can I contact someone from Percept Research?

We have emailed Percept Research on 4 occasions using the generic email address you supply (as there are no direct ones I can find). We have not received a reply despite chasing. How can I contact someone? I am in the UK so would prefer to liaise on

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for using our social support tool. I will coordinate with Jerry Helisek, our MBA Lifecycle Project Manager, to locate your messages and ensure we have answered all of your questions. Our policy is to respond to support requests within one business day so I will also follow-up to see why you didn't receive a response in a more timely manner. You will receive a response from Jerry and myself today direct via email.


Rachel - this is a summary of the message we sent you directly on May 4 -- we wanted to ensure this resolution was attached to the question you posed in this platform as well :)

Hi Rachel,
It looks like our spam filter put the messages from you in our quarantine box and we didn’t see it (we get a huge volume of spam due to the number of global surveys we conduct). I hope you will accept our apologies that we missed these messages!

Our policy is to respond within 1 business day to all support messages.

Short-term solution — we have whitelisted your email address so this spam system should not quarantine future messages.

Long-term solution - please feel free to use this social support platform for quickest resolution of support requests and frequently-asked questions. Here is an email campaign with more background about the platform: Percept Research announces social support community. This platform is positioned as a first-resource to answer support questions and to capture improvement ideas for our various survey initiatives. You can post privately as well. Our core team monitors this platform for quicker response.

PS: We are in the process of beta-testing a new support platform that will open ‘tickets’ to ensure timely resolution and follow-up. We hope to be in a position to bring this platform live by the fall. :)

Again, our apologies for the missed messages. Please let us know if you need further assistance.