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How can I participate in the UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey?

I did not receive an invitation to participate in the UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey. How can I access the survey?

Percept Research sends the invitations to the Membership Benchmarking Survey on behalf of UNICON to protect member confidentiality. Invitations are sent to the Prime Representative of each member school. Each school is sent a unique survey link to allow start-and-resume access to the survey and tracking of responses.

Be sure to whitelist this email address from which the survey invitations are sent: surveysupport@perceptresearch.com so you receive future communications.

Reference: How to Whitelist Email

If you did not receive an email to access the survey, please contact surveysupport@perceptresearch.com with your school name. Percept Research will respond within 24 hours with your school's unique survey link.