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How can I view the invite and reminder text for my EMBA Student Entry Survey?

I don't recall seeing and approving the initial invitation and reminder to be sent from Percept for our EMBA Entry survey. If its not too late, can you please send me copies of both forms for my review and approval before the initial invites go out t

The delivery of invites and reminders for the EMBA Student Entry Survey and EMBA Student Exit Survey is automated for Executive MBA Council members utilizing their school portal to administer the survey. Please follow these steps to view the text crafted for the invitations and reminder templates:

Log into your school portal: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

1. Click Register/Manage Survey in the Exit Survey or Entry Survey menu (blue arrow) from your school portal:

2. Click Upload Student Emails under the Next Steps column (green arrow).

3. In the section called "Survey Fielding Schedule," you can click the 'here' links in the instructions for setting the Invitation date and the Reminder date to view the text for the invitation and reminder, respectively (orange arrows).

Check out this related article: Do I have to use the exact wording of the survey invitation as provided as a template by Percept Research?

Non-executive MBA programs should contact support@perceptresearch.com to receive a copy of the template text for the invitations and reminders.