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How can we award survey incentives if Percept Research is sending the email invitations rather than ourselves?

Can you help with survey incentives? We would like to administer a random drawing for an incentive to complete our survey.

Providing an appropriate incentive can boost survey response rates. Be sure to check out our blog article about this topic: Dangling the Carrot with Business School Survey Incentives

As each student/alumni completes our MBA Lifecycle Surveys, their unique ID number is captured in the data set so we can track who has responded.

At the end of the data collection period for your program, Percept Research can randomly select the winners from the pool of all submitted unique ID numbers and communicate the winning names to the survey administrator for your school. We recommend that the survey administrator confirm the winner(s) will accept the prize incentive before delivery.

As an additional service, Percept Research can manage the fulfillment of the survey incentive including:

a. Purchasing the incentive prizes
b. Contacting the incentive winner(s) and confirming acceptance and shipping address
c. Shipping and handling of the incentive to the winner(s) on your behalf.

Payment for the survey incentives must be received prior to the close of your MBA Lifecycle survey so that the award fulfillment can occur soon after the data collection ends for your program.

When your register to participate, please indicate in the Special Request Box if you would like to engage Percept Research to either:

1. Provide a list of randomly selected winners; and/or
2. Manage the fulfillment of the survey incentive prize

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We plan to award all survey participants a small incentive rather than (or in addition to) a drawing for a smaller number of larger value incentives. How can we tell which students or alumni participated and which ones did not?