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How do I access my school portal?

How do I access the EMBA Council research portal for my school?

1a. Log into your school portal hosted by Percept Research directly with this address: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

1b. You can alternatively log into your school portal from the council's website: http://www.emba.org/formembers_login.htm

2. You will need to enter your User Name and Password. The User Name and Password is unique to your school.

3. If you have forgotten your password or link to your EMBA Council school portal, you can use the "Forgot password" mechanism on this page: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

This password recovery mechanism will not retrieve your password if the email address you enter does not match an address currently in the portal system. In that case, please send an email to surveysupport@perceptresearch.com. This email request must come from the .edu domain of your institution so we can verify your access to the portal.

We recommend that you save this password and link so you can update your directory information at any time in the future.

Each program listed in the EMBA Council directory can have up to 8 contacts assigned to the program.

Please note that the EMBA Council does not have access to these passwords to protect the confidentiality of proprietary member data. Only Percept Research has access to individual survey data as the council's research partner.