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How do I order a Competitive Intelligence Report?

How can I order a competitive intelligence report based on the Program Surveys, and get a list of the schools who participated in that survey (to select peer schools)?

We do not offer a 'Competitive Intelligence Report' (CIR) for the EMBAC Program Survey. We do offer a CIR for our Student Entry, Midterm, Exit and Alumni surveys also known as the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite. Actually, we renamed the CIR in 2014 to the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report (reference article: Percept Research Introduces Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report).

You may be referring to the Peer Report for the EMBAC Program Survey. Here is a reference article:

What is the EMBAC Peer Report?

If you are referring to the Peer Report for the EMBAC Program Survey, you can see a list of programs participating in one of two ways:

1. Look at the Appendix of the latest EMBAC Program Survey Standard Report to see a list of all participating programs. I believe 97% of the council membership participated in 2013.

This article explains how to locate this report for your school:

Where are my EMBA Council industry benchmark reports located?

This article above also explains how you can directly order any of the reports for the EMBAC Program Survey outside of your school portal.

2. Log into your school portal and select to purchase the EMBAC Program Survey Peer Report. Once you have opted to purchase the report, you will be presented with a list of programs to select for your Peer Composite comparison group. However, this is a list of all programs, not just the ones who completed the survey. But, since 97% of the programs participated, we will most likely be able to provide your initial peer selection. This method also asks for alternates just in case you happen to choose a program that did not complete the latest survey.

To take this approach, follow this instructions in this article, and click NEXT in the survey until you get to the Reports section to purchase the Peer Report:

How do I update my directory information and access the program survey?

Please let us know if you have further questions.