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How do I suggest new questions for the EMBA Council Membership Program Survey?

Our school would like to recommend a new question for the EMBAC Program survey.

We would love to receive your suggestions!

The development of the Membership Program Survey has been the result of a collaborative effort with academic and strategic members of the Executive MBA Council. At the beginning of each year, the council's Center for Research team, including Percept Research, evaluates the previous Membership Program Survey along with suggestions provided by members. Please let us know what issues or challenges that you would like us to explore.

To submit new questions ideas, please submit a ticket in our support platform and and select 'feature request' in the Support Category (purple arrow). You can post your suggestion in the Issue title and provide details (orange arrow). 

Can you send recommendations directly to a member of the Center for Research team?

You can do that, but providing your suggestions with our support community allows us to have a central repository of research topics that we can use this year or in the future. Also, this allows other members to comment and add to your suggestions.

Please provide your suggestions via our social support community: Submit a support ticket.
We greatly appreciate your input and would be open to any suggestions you may have about metrics we should benchmark in the annual Membership Program Survey!