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How do I update my EMBA Council Research Portal password?

How do I customize my EMBA Council Research Portal password? How do I customize my EMBAC Research Portal password? How do I update my EMBAC Research Portal password?

Starting in March 2019 to enhance security for the School Research Portals, user access is moving away from one school-specific password to custom passwords for each contact that is currently listed in the Executive MBA Council directory for a member school. We are taking this step to heighten security and further protect your school’s data within the platform.

We ask that members listed in the council directory take 2 minutes to create a unique password associated with your email address. The process is as follows:

1. Login into into your school research portal with your old access credentials to establish a new password:

Current Username: DIRXXX
Current School Password: XXXXXXXX

2. If you have not yet established a custom passcode associated with your email address, you will see a Security Notice pop-up window.

Contacts for your school who have already created personalized credentials will not have IDs appear in the list on your portal start page. You can remove inactive users from your account's Contacts menu once you log in with the new password.

3. Click on your email address to start the process. A dialogue box will appear confirming that a reset email message has been sent to the email address selected.

4. Check your inbox to retrieve your temporary passcode in order to establish a custom passcode.

5. Copy the temporary passcode and click on the password reset hyperlink within the message.

6. On the Create New Password page, paste the temporary passcode from the email into the Old/Temporary Reset Password Field. Create a new password that you can remember such that new password is a minimum of 8 characters in length, including 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 number or symbol. The Create New Password page will indicate when all criteria match. Click SAVE to complete the process.

7. A dialogue box will appear indicating that the new password has been saved. You must click OK to have the page redirect to the portal login screen.

8. Login to the portal - using your new access credentials: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

9. You should arrive to a new portal homepage to access your school portal.

10. PLEASE NOTE: You will only see the EMBA/MBA programs listed in the portal for which you are listed as a contact.

If you wish to view/access other EMBA/MBA programs for your school, you must ask a current contact listed for that program to add you as a user in Section E of the Program Survey or you can add them referencing this support article:

How do I add a staff member to the Executive MBA Council Directory?

11. If the email address currently listed in the directory is incorrect or if you have any questions, please contact us at: surveysupport@perceptresearch.com or comment within this support article for assistance.

Thank you in advance for helping us improve the security access to your portal!