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How do I update my report selections after I have registered?

Executive MBA Council members can update their report order for the EMBA Student Entry Survey and EMBA Student Exit Survey directly from their school portal: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com:

1. Click Register/Manage Survey from the Exit or Entry menu (purple arrow)

2. Click the link Edit Details located beside your program name in the Status column (green arrow)

3. This will open the beginning of your registration form. From here, you can change the primary and secondary contacts listed for your program and make your report selections on the next pages. You must click the NEXT button to save your changes on each page.

4. A new invoice will be generated and sent to you automatically if the total amount of your invoice changes.

Participants in our other MBA Lifecycle surveys (not EMBA Entry or EMBA Exit) should contact their project manager or support@perceptresearch.com to change their report order selections.

You may also be interested in this support article if you are asking about the Executive MBA Council Program Survey:

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