How long does it take to complete an Percept Research MBA Alumni study?

What is the timeline for those who are using the Alumni survey to complete it?

It typically takes 9-10 weeks to complete an Alumni Study: 1-2 weeks questionnaire design, 2 weeks programming/QC, 3 weeks fielding, 3 weeks reporting. We recommend schools conduct this type of study every 3-5 years and survey back 10-15 years of classes (or as far back is viable with alumni email addresses).

The MBA Alumni Survey is the most customized survey of the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite so the length of the alumni interview varies per school. The Alumni Survey template is designed to be brief to allow more room for school-specific custom questions. We recommend keeping the interview length to less than 12 minutes due to the lack of recency for this target audience.

We have published a series of blog articles to provide tips and tricks to help our clients optimize their survey response rate.