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How long should I keep the survey open? How many times should we contact non-responders?

How long should my program keep the survey open? How many times should we contact non-responders?

The scheduling of the data collection period, including reminder messages to non- responders is entirely up to the survey coordinator at your school and must be communicated to the Percept Research.

The majority on students/alumni tend to respond to a web survey invitation (or reminder message) right away (within 48 hours) or not at all. They do not typically keep the invitation and come back to it at a later date to complete. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait very long between email contacts with the students.

We recommend a survey data collection period of no more than 2-3 weeks, with reminder messages sent to non-responders every 4-7 days. It also helps to vary the days and times that your messages are sent. All messages are scheduled by the Percept Research in advance so it is possible for you to select specific dates when you survey invitations are sent.

We will contact the survey coordinator after the scheduled survey end date has passed to report your current response rate and confirm that your program wishes to close the survey fielding.

Check out this article for tips on timing:

Optimal Timing to Boost MBA Survey Response Rates

Most web-based surveys should close fielding completely after 3-4 weeks. After the 4th weeks, there is diminishing value in extending the survey further.

Additional Cost for Survey Extensions

Please note that the fee for the MBA Lifecycle surveys includes a specified number of survey invitations sent and managed by Percept Research. Any additional survey invitations sent past the scheduled 'actual' fielding close date are the responsibility of the school. Additional management of survey invitations and non-responder lists may require a supplemental fee from Percept Research to cover the additional staff time.

Adjusted Report Delivery Timing for Survey Extensions

Extensions past the initial project schedule may also delay the delivery of your reports further than time extension of the fielding period depending on the time year. For example, extending your survey fielding an additional week does not always mean that the delivery of your Topline Summary will be one week later than originally scheduled, especially if the extension occurs during a peak season (at the end of the fielding year when over a hundred programs are closing their surveys around the same time). We will do our best to deliver the report as soon as possible given any new extension outside the original project scope.