How many custom questions can I add?

For most of the MBA Lifecycle surveys, you can add up to 10 (open- ended or closed-ended questions) to the end of the standard questionnaire for an additional Custom Survey Package fee. Percept Research will assist you with designing the questions to collect actionable insight.

We typically need two weeks to program and test your custom questions within the web survey. Please keep this in mind when scheduling the launch of your survey. Data collected from customized questions are presented in a separate custom report.

The additional fee for custom questions includes questionnaire design, programming the web survey or designing the print questionnaire, and custom reporting. This additional fee is per program.

Be sure to contact your Project Manager to schedule a review and design consultation of your custom questions shortly after registering to participate.
Customization is not available with the Monitor Decision Package due to the effort required to customize questions. The Monitor Decision Package is a loss-leader offering for the firm to encourage larger participation in the industry. Programs considering customization will receive largest impact with the Roadmap Decision Package or Guidance Decision Package.

The Alumni Survey is different from the other MBA Lifecycle surveys in regards to custom questions:

There is not a separate Custom Survey Package for the Alumni Survey since this initiative involves custom questions specific to the business school. The cost for this customization is included in the First Year Development Fee for the Alumni Survey.

The MBA Alumni Survey Development Fee includes questionnaire design along with web programming, and additional analysis of custom questions (this is why this fee is higher than the other MBA Lifecycle surveys).

The MBA Alumni questionnaire template is designed to be brief to allow more room for school-specific custom questions. While there is no specified limit to the number of custom questions that can be added to the template, we recommend keeping the maximum interview length to less than 12 minutes due to the lack of recency for this target audience.

This fee will apply for each fielding of the MBA Alumni Survey (not just the first year) due to the customization necessary with programming and reporting.

Check out this article for more information about engaging custom questions:
What is process for adding custom questions to the questionnaire?
We limit the number of custom questions to ten for several reasons:

1. This question limit is for the benefit of the program to achieve more completed surveys and to prevent respondent fatigue. The MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite questionnaire templates are carefully crafted over the years to be as comprehensive as possible to capture managerially-actionable metrics for continuous improvement while balancing the length of the interview for the student. Please note that each open-ended question can add up to 2-3 minutes to the total survey interview.

NOTE: Often, many custom requests include questions that are already within the core questionnaire template and thus, may not need to be asked in a duplicative fashion. We will identify these measures during our design consultation.

2. The cost and time needed to implement custom questions is predicated on the limit of 10 questions/metrics. This customization fee includes the time needed for:

a. question design - we work with you to refine questions into optimal measures for your objectives);

b. web survey programing and quality assurance; and

c. custom analysis and charting for reporting of custom questions.

NOTE: Each metric measure is considered one question within the ten-question limit. In this example, these are considered two questions even thought the labels are 1a and 1b:

Q1a: How would you rate the quality of the program's learning platform? [RADIO BUTTONS: PERFORMANCE RATING SCALE]

Q1b: What are the reasons for your rating of the learning platform? [PARAGRAPH TEXT BOX]

Please note that questions within the templates cannot be deleted as part of the Custom Survey Package for Entry, Midterm, or Exit surveys. We must maintain the integrity of the questionnaire templates in order to provide benchmarking comparisons and our fee structure.