How quickly can I launch my EMBA Student Exit Survey?

I’m not sure how it happened, but I completely forgot to get us registered for the 2014 EMBA Student Exit Survey. We are hoping to launch to our graduating students on Wednesday, April 16th at 11am (yes, the day after tomorrow!). Is this a possibilit

Due to the automation that we have built into the school portals that we host for Executive MBA Council members, you could launch as quickly as 24 hours after registration (if you do not have custom questions). You can register at

We typically need 3 weeks advance notice for custom questions so these questions can be designed and tested for quality assurance before launching your survey.

We highly recommend that MBA programs register early to participate so this will be a non-issue going forward. If you register early, we will follow-up to remind you to administer the survey to your students based on the estimated launch date you enter into the registration form (this is automated for EMBA Student Entry and Exit surveys).