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How will part-time MBA data be analyzed in the Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey?

Question regarding the inclusion part-time programs in the recent EMBAC Membership survey. Since it was suggested that these programs be added to the survey. How will that data be analyzed? Will there be a separate report to schools on the PTMBA?

Initially the non-EMBA programs will be grouped together as a composite measure and reported in the EMBAC Standard Report (which is free to all members that participate in the study).

In 2012, approximately 25 programs that completed the survey were categorized in the non-EMBA segment. Our hope is to increase the number of programs in this segment, particularly among the part-time MBA programs, to enable us to provide a more substantive view of the non-EMBA category. While a separate report is not currently being issued, the majority of the pages in the report do show this non-EMBA segment on it's own.

As an additional benefit, by completing the Membership Program Survey, additional programs can choose to be listed in the Online Directory of Programs which populates various databases the Council uses to promote member programs in the public domain.