"How your program performed” is no longer included in the Competitive Intel Report?

Is this a derived number, and has it now been replaced by “Overall Program Assessment Dimensions Mean?” I notice that the latter is shown for 3 most recent years, but that this year a new attribute was introduced, “Meeting Student Expectations.” Have

Great question. The response below provides some details around the questionnaire redesign for 2011-12 and highlights some of the key metrics contained within the new CIR.

The question "Your Program Overall" (former question A1) was removed as part of the questionnaire redesign for the 2011-12 Student Exit Survey. The question "...did the program meet your expectations..." (question I1) was added as part of that same redesign process.

The best overall metric is still the Student Loyalty Index (SLI). The Index now includes question I1 as one of its four components. Even with the addition of the new question, the SLI trend information is still valid and is the leading indicator of the competitiveness of your program over time.

The components of the loyalty index are also leading indicators in their own right, but the SLI is still the best overall metric. We also added overall quality metrics for certain sections (Faculty, Teaching Methods and Curriculum) that can be leading indicators for these particular areas, but will not have a trend until next year.