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I added a new program to our school portal. Should I complete the EMBAC Program Survey now or wait until next year's survey?

I added a new program to our school listing on the EMBAC school portal. Since the Program Survey has closed for this year, should we hold-off on providing any specific profile, etc. information about that program until next year's Program Survey?

The council provides the Standard Report to programs that complete the Membership Program Survey by the deadline set each year. Since this program's information is entered after the Membership Program Survey fielding had closed, you would not receive this report. However, there are several reasons why you may want to go forward with completing the Program Survey:

1. By completing the survey now, this program's profile information is updated for display in the council's online directory for prospective student searches: EMBA Council Directory for Prospective Students. Updating your information allows prospective students searching the online directory to locate your program based on their search criteria and request additional information about your program.

2. The council's Contact Directory is integrated into the annual Membership Program Survey. This online directory is the most-up-to-date source of contact information used for council communications. Only staff who are listed in the Contact Directory will receive communication from the council. You can add up to 8 contacts per program to the Contact Directory. Here is a related article:

Why are the program survey and directory combined?

We have also added a shortcut to quickly add staff contacts without completing the entire Program Survey -- check out this article for more information about the shortcut:

How do I add a staff member to the Executive MBA Council Directory?

3. If you complete the Program Survey now for a new program, we your will retain your answers for next year's fielding of the Membership Program Survey so the time it takes to complete the survey will be lessened considerably. We typically field this survey in the spring of each year around March/April.

4. Lastly, if you would like to purchase the Standard, Peer, or Regional report for this program, you can do so with this order form: EMBAC Membership Program Survey Report Order Form. Only programs listed in the directory can order these reports.