If I have chosen to administer a print survey, where do I download the questionnaire?

Executive MBA Council members can view/download the EMBA Student Exit questionnaire in three ways:

1. Click View/Download/Print Questionnaire in the drop down Exit Survey menu (blue arrow) from your school portal: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

2. Click View/Download/Print Questionnaire link at the top of the Registration/Manage Survey page (purple arrow) of your school portal. You can directly access the Registration/Manage Survey page with this link: http://www.embac.org/studentexitregister.

3. Once you have submitted the registration form via your school portal, the link under the Next Steps column for the Register/Manage Survey page changes to Download Print Survey (green arrow) and the Progress column indicates the address for shipping the completed print surveys for tabulation (black arrow).

The current version of the EMBA questionnaire is available via your school portal throughout the fielding year.

Non-executive MBA programs can receive the questionnaire by requesting a copy from support@perceptresearch.com.