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Is it possible to see which students have not completed the survey before the end date?

Executive MBA Council members can download a list of non-responding students for the EMBA Student Entry Survey and EMBA Student Exit Survey directly from their school portal: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com:

a. Select Register/Manage Survey in the Entry or Exit Survey menu (blue arrow);

b. Click the Download Non-Responders link under the Next Steps column (purple arrow). This is a list of students that have not yet completed the survey along with their unique survey links.

Participants in other MBA Lifecycle surveys can request a list of non-responding students by contacting their project manager or sending a request to support@perceptresearch.com.


We recommend that your program utilize this list to follow-up with non-responders directly at the reminder date of your survey and; more importantly, the day after your announced survey ends.

You can significantly boost the survey response by offering an extension of one week to non-responder students after your initial survey end date (announced end date). This direct follow-up and extension coupled with the use of a pre-alert announcement of the survey typically leads to response rates of 75% on average.
Because Microsoft has recently made a change to Excel which affects certain file types. Previously, when you tried to open an HTML or XLA file with an .XLS file extension from an unknown location, Excel would warn about the mismatch between the file extension and content, but would still open the workbook without Protected View security. After the security updates Excel no longer will open the workbook because these files are not compatible with Protected View and there is no warning or other indication it was not opened.

We apologize that Excel is showing a blank screen instead of a more helpful error message with information about what to do next.

We propose the following:

Download the non-responder list to your local PC
Right click on the non-responders list and choose “Properties”
On the General tab, click “Unblock” box (you can find this near the bottom-right of the window)
Click OK