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Is it too late to participate in the lifecycle survey?

I don't want to miss out on the Entry Survey, but it is Oct 26 -- Is it too late to register to participate?

It depends...

1. If you want to be included in the current fielding year:

You can register up to the last day of the fielding year. The fielding (period of data collection ) for each MBA Lifecycle survey and associated delivery date for the benchmark report is listed on this page: Timing of Surveys and Reporting.

We try to complete the data collection (survey fielding) by the end of the fielding year. However, we typically allow extensions up to two weeks past the end of the fielding year since we are collecting peer selections from participating schools during that timeframe and we cannot start tabulating the data for reporting until the peer selections are in hand.

What does this mean?

You can participate if you launch your survey quickly and recognize that we must close the lifecycle survey within two weeks after the 'announced' end of the fielding year. You will have to determine if you can collect a good response rate within this time frame.

2. If you want to give your students more time to respond and will participate in the next fielding year:

This can be a viable option if you are comfortable with moving into the next fielding year cycle. You also have the option of ordering an Advance Competitive Intelligence Report (ACIR). Check out this article for more information about the ACIR: Can I get my benchmark report earlier?

One caveat... We typically need about a month to upload and quality test the new questionnaire and updated registration mechanisms on the school portals for Executive MBA Council members. This means that you would most likely have to wait a month to participate in the survey for the next fielding year. This delay is not an issue for full-time and part-time MBA programs since that survey process is not automated.

Most clients will choose option 1, but whichever option you choose, be sure to contact your Project Manager to discuss the best approach for your situation.

We highly recommend that participating schools register early for the following year so this will be a non-issue going forward. If you register early, we will follow-up to remind you to administer the survey to your students based on the estimated launch date you enter into the registration form.
Update: We have renamed the Competitive Intelligence Report to the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report. Please check out this blog article for more details:

Percept Research Introduces Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report