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Is the MBA Lifecycle survey pricing based on number of students?

Are the MBA Alumni Study fees based on the number of alumni responding? Are the MBA Student Exit Study fees based on the number of students? Are the MBA Student Midterm Study fees based on the number of students? Are the MBA Student Entry Study fees

No, the fees for the MBA Lifecycle Surveys are based on the type of reporting and customization requested. Our lifecycle rate structure is based on the staff time needed to set up the survey, field the survey to students/alumni, handle survey support inquiries, provide fielding updates and project management, tabulate the results, conduct the analysis, and produce the reports requested.

We spend the same amount of time with these items for web-based surveys regardless of the number of students and we would lose money if the surveys were conducted for only a few programs. In other words, our model is based on encouraging multiple programs to participate to leverage economies of scale to offer these low rates. In the corporate market, these assessments would be 3x this cost and not have the same level of industry expertise in the analysis nor level of benchmarking.

Often, many schools consider using DIY (do it yourself) internal surveys with Zoomerang, Qualtrics, etc. as a comparison. We encourage all schools to collect stakeholder data to drive decisions whether internally or externally and these tools may meet your needs. However, if providing a direct comparison to DIY based on cost, we invite schools to assess how much staff time is involved with designing a questionnaire, programming in the DIY tool, fielding the survey, conducting the analysis and reporting the results. We believe our fees are much lower resulting in more robust research with higher response rates in this direct comparison.

Many of our clients find that the greatest value is to leverage our industry and research expertise to manage the survey process and provide objective recommendations so they can focus on executing on those recommendations for continuous improvement.

You can check out the fee structure these surveys on our website: MBA Lifecycle Decision Packages