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Why are articles listed more than once in the MBA News Digest?

I've noticed that stories are often repeated in the DAILY list from a prior mailing. I'd suggest that they be listed only once in the DAILY, and then repeated in the WEEKLY roll-up (I'm pretty sure I recall seeing a WEEKLY).

Thank you for your feedback. I am pleased you think the content is great.

To address the point you make about stories being repeated, let me explain how I select the articles. I am scanning multiple sources and automated search results on a daily basis. I try to avoid redundant articles. When I find an article that is familiar I search our database using the article title to see if we have posted the article. While not perfect, I would say I catch 90% of the articles already posted. I also try to post only one article on the same topic. The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, BusinessWeek, and Financial Times are bad about covering the same story and using very different headlines. In some cases the story takes a different position or adds information not covered in another story, so I add it.

While there may be some redundancy in the daily updates, we do review the database on a regular basis to eliminate them so they do not create a problem for users of the database.

May I ask you to help me? When you find a daily or weekly update that appears to have a repeated article, would you mind hitting reply and identifying the article for me so I can identify the root cause of the redundancy?

As you appropriately point out, our intent is to have the weekly roll-up (Fridays) include everything that appears in one of the daily (Monday - Thursday) Digests. I will certainly try to make sure they we only include articles once.

Thank you for being a subscriber and for your feedback.