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Should we include non-EMBA programs in our school's response to the EMBA Council Membership Program Survey?

Our Online MBA is not an Executive MBA program, but it is run through our Executive Program Office, rather than our FT/PT MBA Office. Should we include this program in our survey response? If the OMBA more closely reflects the tuition and student dem

Thanks for your question. Participating does offer related non-EMBA Programs some key advantages. Your report includes data segmented by EMBA Programs and non-EMBA Programs – such as yours that are offering a closely related option to students – which gives you the opportunity to compare against both groups and note the potential patterns that are impacting you both.

Participating also ensures that your program is included in the online prospective search directory at the newly revamped prospective student web site, http://www.executivemba.org.

In addition, participating means that you will benefit from EMBA Council membership perks, such as council communications, webinars, the Marketing & Admissions course, and the member directory, among other benefits.

Program formats for working professionals who want to pursue an MBA are becoming increasingly flexible. The EMBA Council Membership Program Survey offers a way to look at both in terms of differences and similarities