Should we schedule our Midterm survey before or after our international trip?

Our class of 2015 cohort takes and International Trip for one week in early August this summer (Aug. 2, 2014 departure). Should we schedule survey before or after trip?

The answer is predicated on two factors:

1. When is the 'midpoint' of your program? The Midterm Survey is designed to capture feedback at the end of the 'first year' for most programs.

2. Are students more likely to complete the survey before or after the trip? If they are on a summer break beforehand (i.e., no immediate residency prior to the trip), they may be less reticent to complete the survey prior to the trip.

Students start the program in late July (class of 2016 starts in July 2014).

One-week International Trip is at the beginning of the following August, 13 months later (class of 2016 will travel the first week of August 2015).

Students do have summer classes prior to the trip. We do have a 3 week break after summer classes conclude, before the trip. And a 2 week break after the trip.

I assume then that students are more likely to complete the survey prior to the trip.
We concur. :)