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Student confusion over terms: "promotion", "internal job change", "external job change"

In using the EXIT survey results from last year, I believe the respondents may not be clear on a few questions (specifically on a few terms). The terms "promotion", "internal job change", and "external job change" are used. I believe we could clear

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the question. Here are the standard definitions we use:

1. Promotion: The advancement of an employee within a company regarding
position or job tasks. Typically is also associated with increased responsibilities,
autonomy, control and higher rate of pay or financial bonus.

2. Internal Job Change: This could be a lateral movement or job
enlargement/contraction (which can be a new source of job
satisfaction/dissatisfaction by increasing/decreasing the level of responsibility of
the employee. While this may be considered a horizontal move, it can be viewed
as a vertical change by virtue of giving the employee additional/less authority,
autonomy, and control over the way the job is accomplished.

3. External Job Change: This could include a vertical or horizontal movement in
pay (and bonuses), responsibilities, control or autonomy outside of an
employee’s previous organization.