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We do not want to answer the budget questions in the EMBAC Program Survey. How do we proceed?

We want to know if we are required to provide these information or if we can leave blank to be able to continue finishing this survey.

Regarding Confidentiality

As a third-party market research firm, Percept Research manages the survey process for the Executive MBA Council and provides reporting of the results. We adhere to the Statement of Confidentiality that is posted at the beginning of the EMBAC Membership Program Survey:

The Executive MBA Council has established this policy on behalf of
participating institutions because it believes institutional anonymity and
confidentiality of data are essential in the advancement of research to
benefit the entire membership.

We do provide peer comparisons, but the results of individual programs are never reported. The six self-selected peer programs are aggregated together into a peer composite rating for comparison. This ensures that we maintain anonymity of the benchmarking and peer comparisons.


Budgetary Questions

1. All budgetary questions are in green font: Responses to green-colored questions will be visible only to Percept Research and the Executive MBA Council Executive Director for aggregate reporting purposes (not visible to students or other members in the search engines). We encourage you to answer all of these questions so we can provide better analysis in the reports you receive.

2. In 2012, the only mandatory question in the Budget section is F3:

F3. Please estimate the percentage of your marketing and recruiting budget that was allocated to the following categories in your most recent or current fiscal year.

The Center for Research team determined this to be a mandatory question as we felt directors should be able to estimate allocations of their marketing and recruiting budget. Please contact the EMBAC Executive Director or the Center for Research team if you expect difficulty answering this question. The Center for Research specifically developed this survey for the benefit it brings to you and the membership from an aggregate perspective.

It is extremely important that your school avoid entering any erroneous or inaccurate data in the survey as this will affect all members of the EMBA Council.