We propose two changes to the EMBA Student Entry Survey - can this be adjusted?

To what extent can we customise the survey? Are there costs related to customization? Some questions we are looking to customize are: a. Currency – can we add another currency? b. In E1 and E2, can we change it to “...amount reimbursed by your emplo

Hi Nicole,
We can make those two changes (add Singapore dollars and reference to government grants). These are good adjustments that we can make to our Entry questionnaire template so we will not charge the Custom Survey fee.

However, it will take time to make these adjustments in the EMBAC school portal platform and our Systems Developer is still on vacation so it is unlikely these would be in place before Jan 7.

However, we could set up your survey in our other survey platform, but I need to talk to our Operations team about how much time will be needed to do this (this is basically recreating the survey in another platform). I will reach out to them to get back to you with more information.
Thank you Brian. I look forward to hearing back from you. We are quite keen to having this going as
Hi Nicole,
Our team can rush the set-up of the 2013-14 EMBA Student Entry Survey on our non-portal platform and have it ready to launch by Wed, Jan 18. We will contact you directly next week to get this set-up.

In the interim, we ask that you prepare a list of you students in .csv format what we can upload into our survey platform. Here is a reference article on the format we need for the contact list:

Preparing a student list for a MBA Lifecycle survey
Thank you Brian! Do you mean Wed, Jan 8th?
Yes, Jan 8. Was a mistype. :)