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What are my options for paying for Percept Research surveys and services?

What are my options for paying for the Peer Benchmarking Report (credit card, check, bank transfer, etc.)?

You will receive our bank account information on the invoice when you register for our MBA Lifecycle Surveys, Custom Research, Consulting Services or request reports that we deliver on behalf of our association clients. This invoice will generate automatically from our Freshbooks invoice system with registration for these services.

You will have the option to pay via check, credit card, or ACH/bank wire transfer, whichever is more convenient for your organization.

Often, the standard transaction details provided in ACH/wire transfers lack sufficient reference information to match to specific invoice. We try our best to match up amounts with the origination country of these transfers, but this is difficult given the volume of transactions and identical fees for many of our services as well as fluctuation in currency exchange rates.

Additionally, banks typically levy fees for the wire transfers and these fees may have been taken out of the payment amount intended for Percept Research. This will leave a difference to be paid from the original invoice amount and the amount due.


If you choose ACH or bank wire transfer for payment, we ask that you:

1. Reference to the invoice number from your specific invoice.

2. Send proof of payment (payment date, bank name and total transaction amount) with the Percept Research invoice number to finance@perceptresearch.com and copy your Project Manager via email or directly via our support form (preferred).

3. Ensure any and all bank fees are accounted in addition to full payment of the invoice in your total transaction amount. We require that $35 USD are added to payments made by wire transfer to compensate for these bank fees.

If you believe that all payments have been made and you have not received your report in a timely manner, please contact your Project Manager to resolve any issues.